CHATTANOOGA, TN - We pride ourselves on knowing where our produce and meats come from, and being able to share that with our customers is important to us. Recently, staff members of Greenlife Grocery visited Sequatchie Cove Farm. They are a sustainable farm of 300 acres nestled in the shadows of the Cumberland Plateau, located 35 minutes west of downtown Chattanooga. The farm is bordered by the Little Sequatchie River and is surrounded by thousands of acres of pristine Tennessee wilderness. The farm is run by Bill and Miriam Keener, their two children Ann and Kelsey, Miriam’s parents Jim and Emily Wright, Nathan and Padgett Arnold and an assortment seasonal helpers from our community and beyond.


Sequatchie Cove Farm/Westmoreland Beef

In partnership with Westmoreland Farm, we raise beef on the pastures of east Tennessee. Our beef cows are able to roam freely, eating healthy grass and enjoying fresh air and sunshine.

Heritage Breed Milking Devons

We raise this rare breed of dairy cow on pasture throughout the entire year. The Devons are 100% grass fed, and produce high quality milk for cheesemaking. Look for Sequatchie Cove Farm cheese to be available in fall of 2009.

Dancing Fern Nursery Native Plants

Dancing Fern Nursery propagates all plants from seed or cuttings. No plants are ever dug from the wild. We specialize in Tennessee natives, including many species of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials.

Forested Heritage Breed Pork

Our heritage breed pork is raised inthe woods surrounding our pastures. Free to roam and root around, our pigs live happily and naturally.

Pasture Raised Eggs

Our hens live and roam freely in our pastures, able to get plenty of grass and insects in their diet, which produces eggs with wonderfully bright orange yolks and amazing flavor.


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