CHATTANOOGA, TN - Greenlife Grocery has recently partnered with Saint Peter’s Episcopal School to cater their 2009 lunch program. Students at the school are on the cutting edge of what could be a whole new trend in school lunch: wholesome meals that include high-quality organic, natural and locally raised ingredients carried by Greenlife Grocery.

This program will provide a daily hot meal and two alternate choices to students and faculty. Charlie Loomis who is the Executive Chef at Greenlife Grocery and Ann Keener from Sequatchie Cove Farm are eager to share their expertise in using fresh, locally grown items to prepare healthy lunch options for St. Peter’s School students, ranging from preschool three-year olds through fifth grade.

Their inaugural monthly menu for September included healthy, child-friendly items such as penne pasta and turkey meatballs, Grilled chicken sandwiches, taco salad with guacamole, “mac and trees,” veggies and dip, sweet potato chips and many other items. Additionally, each day’s menu includes fresh fruit, with fruit (and vegetable) selections subject to season and availability. This allows students exposure to the harvest calendar and which produce is seasonally available. Each day, three alternatives (to the hot lunch) are available to students, including: a ham and cheese sandwich, turkey and cheese roll-up and veggie/hummus wrap. Organic Valley milk will also be an option for students.

The new lunch program is a part of St. Peter’s “Go Healthy, Go Green” commitment to begin new healthful, sustainable changes on campus that encompasses all aspects of the school. A committee has been formed to steer the school’s efforts in recycling and healthy lifestyles. The “Go Healthy, Go Green” committee is headed by third grade teacher Randi Schlosser and Director of Development Jaime Melton.

“We are so excited that Greenlife and St. Peter’s are working together to encourage our students to choose healthy foods that will fuel their minds and bodies” said Mrs. Schlosser. “We want our students to be able to think deeply about concepts and explore different avenues of learning. It is wonderful to know that they will be able to nourish their bodies with food that is truly healthy and free of harsh chemicals and hormones.”

She also added, “Children today need to be aware of how their everyday choices affect the world around them. Welcoming Greenlife will be the first step to helping the students at St. Peter’s become more aware of how they can make a positive difference. We couldn’t be happier that Greenlife is being so generous with taking the time to work so closely with our school! This really is an exciting change for St. Peter’s Episcopal School.”

The program will also encompass new earth friendly trays, reusable drink ware and water dispensers that will assist St. Peter’s efforts in creating as little waste as possible. Charlie Loomis, Executive Chef at Greenlife Grocery, will also help in creating a school garden. He also hopes to eventually compost food scraps from the meals served at St. Peter’s.


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